Hello there!

As the title of this website suggests you will find a haphazard assortment of genre-spanning reviews on a haphazard collection of books, music and movies.

As far as music goes, I listen to a variety of music styles ranging from jazz, pop, rock, metal, soundtrack scores, dark ambient, instrumental and absolutely no country or Christian contemporary. Sorry.

My movie tastes also vary. I enjoy watching stupid horror movies, good horror movies, thrillers, comedies, sci-fi, absolutely no girly drama (none that I’ll admit to anyway), good documentaries, bad documentaries, and if I can last long enough I’ll watch cheesy documentaries on UFOs, Bigfoot and stuff (which I admit too for some reason), and anything else that looks entertaining within those genres.

If this didn’t confuse the hell out of you you’ll love my reviews.

I also like books, though lately it seems like I don’t have time to read. At EclecticReviews.com you will find a handsome and not-so-handsome assortment reviews for books in many genres. Mostly horror and thriller, non-fiction, science, travelogues by legendary Canadian rock drummers, and paranormal bunk. Hey, can’t knock a guy who still enjoys reading some outlandish stories now and then.

Hope you enjoy the site!