Night of the Demon Bigfoot Movie

When I was a kid I remember watching anything I could about Bigfoot, and during the 70s and 80s there were a lot of TV shows and movies made on the subject... (Read More)

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If you like completely whacked, somewhat disturbing, gross and yet hysterical horror comedy, then Tusk is worth a watch.

Written by Kevin Smith, Tusk splashes right out of Smodcast episode 259, a podcast hosted by Smith and Scott Mosier...Read More


Directed, written by, and starring Jon Favreau, Chef is a comical and engaging look into the life of Carl Casper, a hardworking head chef at an upscale restaurant, where he has garnered some critical cred for his mad skills in creating top notch cuisine...Read More

JFK The Smoking Gun

Though rarely discussed or thought about by most of us the JFK assassination and possible government cover-up has been an enduring mystery with various theories.

Now, with JFK: The Smoking Gun, we're presented compelling evidence that suggests a real answer, and while this answer does expose a government cover-up, the cover-up does not necessarily indicate a clandestine conspiracy to kill, but a very unfortunate accident.

Apparently JFK's death was not an inside job, it was a sad inside blunder that the government chose to conceal.

Although loaded with over-dramatization, breathy voice-over and music to create suspense, this documentary contains interviews and presents evidence and ideas that seem to paint a new, and very plausible, picture of what really happened that day, November 22, 1963, one of the most tragic days in US history.

I found the documentary entertaining and informative...Read More