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Elephants on Acid

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Elephants on Acid, a book review...
This is an interesting read to say the least. If you've ever wondered how far some fringe scientists have gone in the past this is the book to start with. Let me just say, you really won't believe some of the stuff you'll read here, but according to the author, Alex Boese, a graduate of Amherst College with a Master's Degree in the History of Science from the University of California, San Diego, it's all true. Considering his field of study, he should know.

One of the bits I found most amazing was the experiment with a cat which actually succeeded in capturing visual information (real moving images!) from the cat's visual processing center of the brain. Another is The Isolated Head of a Dog. Completely inhumane, but an incredible tale nonetheless. The author's writing style is such that we read the information, acknowledge disgust, but are still entertained and happily move on to the next potential atrocity of scientific experimentation.

Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments, is a remarkably entertaining and educational book. Some subject matter may not be suitable for all audiences. You have been warned!

— Drew