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Michael Mann (more)

Universal Studios
Jamie Foxx
Tom Cruise
Collateral review rating: 4 stars. 4

Collateral, a movie review...
Excellent! Can I say two thumbs up or did someone trademark that phrase? While the true origin of Cruise's character remains somewhat a mystery, it's balanced by the fact that we don't need much to convince us of his personality, or his goals. Meanwhile we learn plenty about Fox's character and we sympathize with his plight, becoming truly concerned for his well being, and witness to what his character eventually becomes capable of.

Plenty of suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat and Collateral delivers hearty punches in the action department as well, with great shootouts and hand to hand dirty work. Or should I say hand to neck.

Well written, well acted and well directed. Collateral gets my vote for one of the top action rentals of the year.

— Drew