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House of D

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David Duchovny
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Erykah Badu
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House of D review rating: 4.5 stars. 4.5

House of D, a movie review...
While I was picking out films one night in the local video store I spotted David Duchovny and Robin Williams on the cover of this DVD and just had to grab it.

Simply charming. David Duchovny did a great job directing and stars in this unexpected gem about a man's reconciliation with his past. Duchovny plays a husband and father who realizes that he is finally growing up and ready to share the truth of his childhood years with his family.

A majority of the movie is presented as a flashback, in which we follow his young character through his life in New York City where he deals with the usual teen issues, and then some, including his widowed mother who uses narcotics as an escape.

He gleens wisdom from an inmate (Erykah Badu) behind a barred window in a local detention center, and works as a delivery boy with his friend Pappas, a mentally challenged man played by Robin Williams, who is his typically endearing self.

This is a touching story of a boy with heavy burdens to carry, and tough decisions to make. It's a well told tale. I'm a big David Duchovny fan, and I was not disappointed by his roll in HOUSE OF D. I do think Robin Williams' character shines through better without dentures, but it works out okay in the end. All in all a great tale, and an unexpected surprise.

— Drew