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Flowers Before Hours, a music review...
Hailing from MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, New Sense produces fresh, yet familiar music, reminiscent of great bygone eras of eurobeats, 70's flower-power, a touch of techno, excellent grooves, and smooth, pure, wonderful vocals, and great production.

With only 5 tracks on this EP it is a bit short compared to most modern offerings, but let me tell you about the impact that these 5 songs will have on you. If you are an original music lover and appreciate the music of the following artists you will no doubt enjoy New Sense.

I'm reminded of Coldplay, Tears for Fears, Jason Mraz, Mike and The Mechanics, the Monkees, even the work of Alan Parsons. But make no mistake, New Sense is original. They were meant to be doing just what they are doing. These songs will live forever in the minds of their growing fanbase.

The CD kicks off with a great rocker, "What if I Get Sick", followed by "Songs on the Radio" which is very reminiscent of Coldplay and contains a bridge with a total 70's "daa da da da daaaa" vocal passage, an interesting twist.

"Sticks and Stones" reminds me of what Mike and the Mechanics may have sounded like if they recorded with Tears for Fears and were produced by Alan Parsons, although the chorus here has a really strong Coldplay sound with a hypnotic guitar and percussion.

I hear some similarities to early Roland Orzabal tunes on "Ready to Leave", mainly in the melodies and structure. The EP closes up with "It's Possible" a great slow song that sounds like Jason Mraz sat in with Tears for Fears again, Roland Orzibal at the production healm.

I'm glad I found New Sense, I have a new favorite band. You might too, check them out.

— Drew