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As the title suggests what you have here is one hell of a haphazard collection of genre-spanning reviews to enjoy. There really is no rhyme or reason. Why? Why indeed.... Becuase this reviewer is haphazard.

MUSIC: I jam and zone to a variety of styles from Ambient, dark ambient, jazz, pop, rock, metal, soundtrack scores, instrumental and ABSOLUTELY NO country or Christian contemporary! Sorry. ...(not really)....

MOVIES: My film tastes also vary. You'll find anything from stupid funny movies (think Super Troopers), horror, thrillers, sci-fi, comedies, documentaries, ABSOLUTELY NO girly dramas or ramances, and if I can stand more than a few minutes I'll may review documentaries on UFOs, Bigfoot and stuff like that. Not sure why. Anyway, if at any time during my frequent cover-surfing sessions I actually muster the nerve to click on a movie, you'll likely read about it here.

BOOKS: Books are for tourists. JK. You'll find a handsome and not-so-handsome assortment of reviews for books in many genres, but mostly horror, thriller, non-fiction, science, travelogues by legendary Canadian rock drummers, and yes, paranormal bunk. You can't knock a guy who still enjoys reading some outlandish stories now and then.

Hope you enjoy the site!

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