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Cryptozoology A to Z

Authors: Loren Coleman, Jerome Clark

Publisher: Fireside
Non Fiction, Unexplained Mysteries

Eclectic Rating: 4 stars

A must have for the book shelf of anyone interested in mystery creatures, real or not.

Book Review:

Authored by reknowned Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and unexplained phenomenon researcher and writer Jerome Clark, Cryptozoology A-Z does include a few completely impossible mythological beings while some other creatures seem at least plausible, but there is evidence to suggest that some of these cryptids may represent real animals not yet known to science. We'll know for sure when and if a carcass is found, or if somebody shoots one.

Along with descriptions, sighting reports, experiences, and alleged evidence of unknown creatures, Cryptozoology A-Z presents all mystery creatures, both unproven and those once thought extinct, but subsequently rediscovered. One example of the latter is the case of the Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish considered extinct since the Cretaceous Period but found very much alive in 1938.

Cryptozoology A-Z also sheds light on cases of misidentification and includes many profiles of people involved with Cryptozoololgical studies.

I highly recommend this book for those who wish to learn more about Cryptozoology; the many interesting, monsterous, and bizarre creatures that are or might be, and the people who search for them.

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Posted On: 14 Feb, 2018
Last Update: 08 May, 2019

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