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Haunted Lakes

Author: Frederick Stonehouse

Publisher: Lake Superior Port Cities
Folklore, Paranormal

Eclectic Rating: 4 stars

A collection of great maritime ghost tales, legends and lore on the Great Lakes.

Book Review:

Frederick Stonehouse does not get cute and spooky! In Haunted Lakes and Haunted Lakes 2, Stonehouse presents these mysterious tales as a matter of history.

If the reader gets a chill it's precisely because the stories are truly chilling, retold by a Great Lakes maritime historian who has gathered the old superstitions and stories through his research and feels that they are "Part of the great lore of the Great Lakes," and "...part of the thread of our past."

As a serious historian Stonehouse openly admits his apprehension in writing a book like Haunted Lakes, he even considered using a pen name. In light of that it's interesting that he should go on to write a second edition with Haunted Lakes 2.

Stonehouse does not indicate with full certainty whether he believes in ghosts or not, but in Haunted Lakes he shares his own brush with the unexplained, and shows his appreciation in the historic value and entertainment of these ghostly tales.

Stonehouse introduces the rich history of the Great Lakes, including historic information about lighthouses, old ships, and the people who tended to them or sailed upon their decks. He educates while serving up tales spooky enough to make the reader's hair stand on end. From haunted lights and ghost ships to serpents, monsters and spectres from beyond... it's all here in these books of haunted Great Lakes history.

In "Haunted Lakes 2" Stonehouse uncovers even more legends and historic hauntings, lighthouse ghosts, serpents and the supernatural. He also includes a tale of UFOs over Devil's Island on lake Superior, and recounts the story of a mysterious black cloud which hung over Grand Island Light. From the cloud erupted a great explosion and loud report, similar to that of a rocket launch. But this event occurred in 1872, long before the age of rockets.

Explore great mysteries, from the recent and distant past, that are part of the Great Lakes maritime history. Stonehouse takes a peek into the supernatural and paranormal shadows of our mysterious world. The Haunted Lakes books are a great collection of spooky maritime lore and history, and a must read for fans of the supernatural, ghostly tales and legends.

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Posted On: 14 Feb, 2018
Last Update: 08 May, 2019

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