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Hunting the American Werewolf

Author: Linda S. Godfrey

Publisher: Trails Media Group
Folklore, Unexplained Mysteries

Eclectic Rating: 3.5 stars

Thrilling encounters with mysterious dogmen in Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond!

Book Review:

Linda S. Godfrey succeeds in uncovering more sightings and tales of Wisconsin's beloved Beast of Bray Road, one of now many apparent man-wolf creatures who have strayed from their original haunt in Walworth County.

These strange man-beasts now seem to prowl the woods and swamps of neighboring states, including Michigan and Illinois; and Godfrey reveals historic incidents and encounters from many other places too, even outside of the US.

In this follow-up to the Beast of Bray Road Godfrey continues to present the case of mysterious man-wolves with an opening mind, and a fun writing style that manages to keep the reader just to the left of red on the fear meter, though there are a few spots that may push you over the line. Check under the bed, and close the closet door...

In "Hunting the American Werewolf" we find more speculation as to what these creatures may be; shape-shifters, hybrid wolf-dogs, or an assumed extinct bear/dog like creatures called Amphicyon. An interesting idea and, as this reviewer found, one of the most creepily entertaining notions in the book.

Godfrey has even explored more supernatural possibilities as well. Could these werewolf-like beasts be spirit beings? Demons from hell? Aliens? These and other ideas are examined, including the unavoidable connections with Bigfoot.

Just as in her previous book on the subject, The Beast of Bray Road, Godfrey takes no shame in presenting ideas that many readers will find nothing short of absurd.

Godfrey presents them all regardless of how outlandish they may seem, including a few trips down the psychic highway in which we learn that one woman has apparently contacted the head werewolf creature telepathically and was informed that they mean the human race no harm, thankfully.

Another alleged witness claims a race of man-wolves travels to and from our world through interdimensional vortices.

However far fetched these theories may seem, "Hunting the American Werewolf" is a well researched book presenting down-to-earth witness accounts of encounters with these werewolf-like beasts, as well. It is entertaining on many levels. Keep an eye out for more from Linda Godfrey and we'll see where the Beast of Bray Road man-wolves rear their ugly heads next...

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Posted On: 14 Feb, 2018
Last Update: 08 May, 2019

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