Monsters of the Northwoods

Author: Paul Bartholomew

Bigfoot haunts the Adirondacks!

They need to release this book on Kindle, I can't believe it's not in reprint.

There are two reasons I am reviewing, and suggesting the Bigfoot book "Monsters of the Northwoods."

One, it is a comprehensive examination of bigfoot sightings and reports of activity in the northeast United States, mostly the Adirondacks in New York State, with some documented sightings in Vermont.

And two... I liked it. Readers with a vivid imagination will undoubtedly enjoy reading the witness accounts and sighting reports.

Through Bigfoot sighting reports and interviews with witnesses, Monsters of the Northwoods offers evidence for the existence of the mysterious creatures known as Bigfoot and Sasquatch across the huge, vastly wild, state of New York and beyond.

There is plenty of room in New York, and neighboring states, for mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot to survive without much interaction with humanity. But according to Paul Bartholomew et al., there is apparently more interaction, and more going on than most people are aware.

While the authors do briefly cross over into other areas of the unknown, like entertaining the idea that there is a connection between UFOs and Bigfoot based on coincidental sightings, Monsters of the Northwoods does present the Bigfoot phenomenon in a fairly straightforward manner, covering historic evidence, Native American legends, more recent Bigfoot sightings (at the time of publication) and many unexplained footprint discoveries. According to this book, and some reports at the BFRO, there are areas of New York state which are veritable hotbeds of Bigfoot activity. Grab your tent and backpack!

Monsters of the Northwoods is a must for any Bigfoot buff interested in reading first hand accounts of unexplained Sasquatch-like creatures, vocalizations, and tree knocking noises in the dense woodlands of New York State and Vermont. Most reports are presented in the very words of the witnesses, and there are plenty. In all the authors document 140 bigfoot sighting cases, extending from the Watertown area to Long Island. Bigfoot sightings are also summarized in a large list at the end of the book.

Photos of footprint castings, one of a possible creature, and some speculative illustrations of Bigfoot are included for the reader's edification.

If nothing else Monsters of the Northwoods is an entertaining collection of Bigfoot sighting reports that cause one to wonder. I enjoy a good mystery, a nice tale of the unexplained, and this book serves up plenty.

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