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Mysterious America: The Revised Edition

Author: Loren Coleman

Publisher: Paraview Press
Unexplained Mysteries, Forteana

Eclectic Rating: 4 stars

Fun ride through the Fortean landscape of America.

Book Review:

Mysterious America contains reviews and overviews of many sightings of mysterious, unexplainable creatures, and strange phenomena around the United States. It's a perfect resource for anyone interested in Forteana.

Well written, with Loren's trademark light humor and forthrightness. Loren even helps the reader understand what many writers and researchers interested in the paranormal, UFOlogy and Cryptozoology, have to put up with.

Not everyone takes this stuff very seriously, so to take it seriously and write about it requires resolve, and a certain amount of courage. Writers of books like these inevitably attract their share of cinicism.

Loren helps us to understand the writers point of view, and clarifies the notion of "belief" in the unexplained. It's more about open-mindedness and willingness to accept the possibility that there might be something going on that could be causing these strange experiences and creature sightings. It's nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact, something that we can have great fun with while we explore the mysteries of our world, for there are many.

The last portion of this book contains listings of mysterious happenings around the country, giving the reader an opportunity to find strange sidetracks in their area to explore.

Mysterious America will remain on my shelf as a reference for my own research and entertainment.

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Posted On: 21 Apr, 2019
Last Update: 08 May, 2019

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