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Traveling Music: Soundtrack to my Life and Times

Author: Neil Peart

Publisher: Ecw Press
Non Fiction, Travelogue

Eclectic Rating: 4 stars

Great road trip with the professor. Entertaining and enlightening read.

Book Review:

While each of Neil Peart's other books shed light on some personal aspects of his life which fans will find intruiging his most recent, "Traveling Music," turns out to be more autobiographical in the sense that the reader actually learns more about Neil through flash backs to his childhood, his early band days (including those early years with Rush), and his recent past, all the while enjoying a fun trip around the southwest United States in his BMW Z-8 listening to music that jogs those memories.

As a Rush fan from back in the day—since 1977! I guess that can be considered "back in the day" by now—I can tell you that this book holds many treasures. Neil Peart shares many entertaining insights into his youth, road life, and family life, along with enough wise cracks to keep you chuckling as you turn each page and uncover ever more about the life and times of this legendary drummer and lyricist.

You will learn about his early years, spent in London, working in a small souvenir shop, trying to break into the music scene as a drummer, still learning the ropes and developing his skills. And you'll gain new insight as he shares his many influences, both musical and literary.

Any fan of Peart's lyrical and percussive talent will appreciate this fun look at Neil, by Neil.

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Posted On: 14 Feb, 2018
Last Update: 08 May, 2019

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