Harry Shearer as Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap

Derek Smalls to Release New Solo Album 2017

This is fun news I just read on Loudwire. Multitalented actor, voice actor, musician, comedian, writer (and on and on and on…) Harry Shearer has announced a Derek Smalls solo album, tentatively entitled Smalls Change, and possibly due for release later this year. Shearer has enlisted the help of veteran musicians Donal Fagan, Peter Frampton, Steve Vai and others on the project.

I say possibly because apparently some legal issues between Spinal Tap members and Vivendi/Studiocanal involving back royalties could hinder the release of the album. A recent GQ piece about Spinal Tap indicates that following the release of the album Shearer, as Derek Smalls, will embark on a live tour in full Spinal Tap regalia including mutton chops.

Shearer portrayed Spinal Tap bassist, Derek Smalls, in the movie This is Spinal Tap and accompanying soundtrack, as well as followup album releases Break Like the Wind and Back from the Dead.

Personally I hope he tours near my area, that would be one great show to attend. I’ll keep my eyes on it and post here as soon as I hear more.