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Apollo 18

Written by Brian Miller

Directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego

2011 - Anchor Bay Entertainment

Rated: PG-13

Cast: Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen. Ryan Robbins.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

This is a "found footage" film to add to the overabundance of "found-footage" films. I thought it would be a fun watch, and it was okay, but got a little boring there just about halfway through. It couldn't keep my attention. Though there were a few good scare moments and interesting developments, as the action picked up the suspense and impact dwindled.

Early on the film seemed cool, but the magic was lost. I suspect the home movie footage is supposed to build our concern for the characters, help us connect emotionally so there may be greater impact when the horrors unfold later. I didn't feel it.

Good premise but I think the potential fell short due to poor direction, so-so acting and excessive faux camera effects, which were over-done and unconvincing.

I gave it three stars because I thought the actors were a good fit for their rolls, and the space footage was pretty cool. I've seen worse films, but I've seen a lot better too.

Interesting choice of credit music. We three kings? Oh, okay, I guess I get it.

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