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Bachelor Party in Bungalow of The Damned

Written by Brian Lindsay Thomson

Directed by Brian Lindsay Thomson

2008 - Mea Culpa Pictures

Not Rated

Cast: Zoe Hunter, Monique Dupree. Gregg Aaron Greenberg. Sean Parker.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

I know a Lloyd Kaufman associated masterpiece when I see one! Even when he cameos as a "hot chick," yikes. This piece of inconsistent, bad acting, lousy lighting junk is exactly what I expected, and just what I needed! It's so bad it's funny, and when you give it half a chance there are actually some pretty funny moments. There is plenty of gratuitous gross-out-gore too, which is another M.O. of these flicks -- like blood farts after being impaled on a fireplace poker.

Sammy (Gregg Aaron Greenberg) plans a bachelor party for his best friend Chuck (Joseph Riker). A couple of friends (Gelu Dan Rusu and Sean Parker — not the Napster founder) accompany them to a "bungalo" in The Hamptons. Of course they have to bring along the guy who's watching the place while the owners are away. His name is Gordon, (played by Joe Testa, Adam Sandler's stunt double, JK).

Sammy is pretty funny, Chuck isn't. Chuck is fairly lame. The other guys aren't funny either, but they do what they do, and are off'ed in short order anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Actually the fatter guy is funny in a Jack-Black's-bad-actor-cousin kinda way.

Then things get strange. Three party girls (you know what I mean) show up to entertain the boys. A little soft petting, dim the lights (oh wait, the scenes were lit bad in the first place) and a bloody, gory, gross out session ensues, complete with big flopping boobies courtesy of Zoe Hunter.

Turns out the chicks are vampires, but who's the master vampire? Who does Sammy have to kill to save Chuck and the boys? Chuck's fiancé too! She was pissed that Chuck wasn't returning her phone calls so she drove on out to give him a little what for, and fell right smack dab in the middle of the mayhem.

It's a CG-gore soaked extravaganza at it's worst...You'll howl at the dry floors after a complete blood-letting, and roar with giddy excitement (as you cringe) when you spot the bad thumb splinter gimmick (okay that wasn't CG). You'll guffaw at the sputum and spew that magically fills the air and speckles the camera lens. It's a roaring good time!

How do you give a film a bad rating when the filmmakers accomplished just what they set out to do? The films are intended to be bad. And to be honest, Lloyd Kaufman has made a comfortable living producing films like this. There must be something to the formula. Funny that they need a storyboard artist for a film like this though.

If you watched this film and didn't appreciate it, shame on you. Why would you expect more from a movie with such a title? I know, it was the hot ass on the title photo, right? That's it! Too bad she's not in the film, eh?

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