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Behind the Curve

Written by Daniel J. Clark

Directed by Daniel J. Clark

2018 - Delta-v Productions

Not Rated

Cast: Mark Sargent, Patricia Steere. Dave Chappelle.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. And wow. Behind the Curve is an understatement.

I gave this doc four stars because it's not pro-flat-Earth or anti-flat-earth, it presents both sides of the idea. Goddamn there are actually a lot of people who believe this crap. If that's not bad enough, they believe the sun and moon are actually suspended way, way up in the air, from some gigantic rotating armature that we can't see.

One flat Earth proponent actually makes models of the domed flat Earth concept, including this apparatus, to demonstrate the idea. Sells them at flat Earth conventions. He does amazing work though; a damn good woodworker and artist. But if a massive light fixture like this does exist it must be somewhere. Lets see ... [consults map of the earth] ... like right in the middle of the North Pole! No kidding! I always thought they called it the North Pole because it had something to do with Earths magnetic field. But there must actually be a gigantic pole there to hold up the sun and moon. Who knew?

These people think they have a legitimate argument to go toe-to-toe with scientific evidence. They really think they are smarter than scientists and astronomers. They believe there is a massive conspiracy involving scientists, the government, NASA and other players, that perpetuate a centuries-long lie that Earth is round.

You can't make this stuff up. As a goof I selected "comedy" as one of the genres for this documentary, but it's also really a horror story.

This documentary contains a very telling quote from one of the flat-earthers. When asked "What sources do you trust?" she stated this: "Myself, that's it. I've jokingly said, if there is an event like... I'll just use the Boston bombing again... I'm not going to believe any of those events are real unless myself, I get my leg blown off."

Another interviewee—a guy who has impressively honed his skills at bouncing a ball on a sledgehammer and memorizing the states, among other things—stated, with regard to the conspiratorial powers that be, "...I think what's really scary is, what they're actually doing isn't just hiding the flat earth, it's the fact that they're still doing human sacrifice and blood rituals..."

You can fool yourself all you want. Just like religion, some of these people believe this flat Earth stuff and get behind one hundred percent. but some of them are completely off their rocker. Not dumb, but completely delusional.

Or maybe just not getting the whole picture. A funny example of this is when Mark and Patricia are at the Space Center, Houston, TX. Mark is demonstrating how one of the exhibits doesn't even work, he keeps "hitting this button for splashdown sequence and nothing happens."

He's pressing the monitor as if it is a touch screen, but after he exits the exhibit the Behind the Curve cameraman pans and closes in on the actual button that the viewer is supposed to press. A real button. A big, green, candy-like button located between the seats of the display. Eh, sometimes we just miss the obvious, you know?

It is possible to believe something so much that you will reject any evidence that might counter that belief. Happens all the time. Behind the Curve is a telling documentary, and covers the flat-Earther movement from a very logical vantage point.

Is it even a problem that people want to believe in a flat earth? Folks have been believing in gods for thousands of years without any evidence. What's the difference? As long as they don't try to influence legislation or policy. Ahem. I wish Carl Sagan were still alive. He'd be able to politely explain reality to the flat Earth crowd. Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't having much luck, he's too irritable.

Here's a question: If Earth is flat, what's on the flip-side?

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