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Bloodsucking Freaks

Written by Joel M. Reed

Directed by Joel M. Reed


Not Rated

Cast: Seamus O'Brien, Viju Krem. Niles McMaster. Dan Fauci. Alphonso DeNoble.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

Blood Sucking Freaks is a sadistic 1970s horror/exploitation film and comedy with plenty of naked ladies. It has to be a comedy, there's no way the creator's were serious.

The film was originally titled Sardu: Master of the Screaming Virgins, and ran in theaters as The Incredible Torture Show. It was retitled Bloodsucking Freaks, which really has nothing to do with the storyline, and distributed on video by Troma Entertainment.

Bloodsucking Freaks appears to be based on an earlier, 1970 film, titled Wizard of Gore by Herschell Gordon Lewis, a notorious splatter/gore/horror/exploitation filmmaker.

This is an interesting story. Some so-so acting, mostly bad, but it's got some genuinely hilarious scenes. One of the worst, and funniest characters is the dwarf Ralphus, played by Luis De Jesus, who looks like the guy from Hall and Oats, only, well, shorter. One of the funniest parts is when he bonks a girl as she tries to escape from a box as he's busy preparing shipments of white slave girls. It's just stupid on so many levels.

One review I read stated, "This movie will appeal to any B-movie buff who can tolerate the extreme sex and violence." What extreme sex? What extreme violence? This movie may have been gory and over the top in 1976, but compared to todays films, x-rated films included, it's hysterical. There really is nothing extreme about it. There's plenty of sicker material out there.

Blood Sucking Freaks is entertaining, and worth the watch if you're interested in examining it from an artistic angle. if you can get past the stupidity. It is a comedy, simply because there is no way you can take it seriously. I liked Seamus O'Brien's performance as Sardu. He certainly knew to play his roll with tongue in cheek. Most of the camera work was okay, and the lighting was good for the most part. Some of the interior shots reminded me of old Hammer films. Nice creepy mood to counter the complete campiness.

Of course there were creep out moments, so beware. But in all it's a comical, gore and nudie film so expect that.

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Last Update: 09 May, 2019

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