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Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs

Directed by David Sereda

2006 - Anchor Bay

Not Rated

Cast: Dan Aykroyd, David Sereda. Gordon Cooper. Paul Hellyer. Ronald Reagan.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

I've been a Dan Aykroyd fan since the old Saturday Night Live days, there is no doubt he is an amazing natural talent when it comes to comedy, acting and performing music, but a "professor," of great intellect in discussing the UFO phenomenon? Sorry, I didn't buy it.

While the DVD does contain some interesting video clips of unidentified objects, or "lights", apparently performing maneuvers that are physically impossible for current aircraft technologies, a mojority of the footage is inconclusive and may have other potential explanations.

During this DVD documentary Mr. Aykroyd provides his thoughts and anecdotes on the UFO phenomenon, nothing more. He does not approach this topic from a true scientific stand point. He just flat out believes.

The anti-gravity segment was interesting to say the least. This portion of the documentary shows footage of the alleged levitation of a canon ball and a pair of cutters or pliers of some kind, allegedly under the influence of the "Hutchison effect."

First, why doesn't the camera operator move to the side of the ball so we can indeed see it levitating without the aid of some lifting mechanism, like a counterweighted shaft entering through the wood panel. This can easily be a hoax, and probably is.

No, this DVD does not provide proof that UFOs are piloted by extraterrestrials, nor does it prove the existence of antigravity technology, or uncover great government conspiracies. This documentary isn't even very good for entertainment's sake.

And if he says "metalurgy" one more time I'm gonna...

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