Dark Fields

Directed by Allan Randall

Jenna Scott, Lindsay Dell, Eric Phillion

A group of teens on their way to a rock concert run out of gas in the boondocks, near an old farm. Leaving his friends back at the car, Drew the driver appraoches the farmhouse to get some help, but finds no one home. Around back he discovers a fuel supply tank and a plastic container, so he attempts to get some gas. He gets something a little more than expected...

The killer is pretty comical, and looks like he's wearing a bad halloween wig backwards. Pretty strange, and not scary in the least. Through the rest of the film it seems as if the killer is rather apathetic and, well, dumb. It's not evident whether he's taunting and teasing by letting the people get away so easily, or if he's just a dolt.

For the most part the acting is poor, but the old man in the truck is hysterical, "...you're gonna have to quit beatin' on me! Gee willakers!" You can tell decent talent when you see it because good actors can make a scene work on their own.

Some problems with continuity...

1. Next time you use a character's need to pee as an excuse to get the group off the main road into backwoods country, and he's been complaining the whole way, make sure he pees when they finally stop!

2. When the girls are trying to find keys to the butcher shop near the truck, we get a shot up the road as one girl is checking the dead guy's pockets. Clearly, there is a car parked a short distance away. When the girls head in off in that direction moments later, the car is gone. In the same scene, as the girls run off down the road, we see a shadow cast on the road from someone who is behind the camera.

The killer doesn't seem too enthusiastic during the entire film, but especially in the finale. It's almost as if he wants to be attacked, he basically just moves too slow and the scenes are so drawn out that he appears to just stand there and take it. Some fast cuts and more action shots would have helped increase urgency and make the scenes more intense.

The writing, direction (same guy), as well as acting and soundtrack leave a lot to be desired, however the film does boast some nice lighting, cinematography, and locations. Unfortunately it's shot in 4:3, it would have looked a lot nicer in 16:9.

It's not a block buster but there are worse. And considering Dark Fields was shot with a budget of $1,000 you at least have to give it up to the filmmaker for the getting the project done and distributed.

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