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Written by Christopher Landon, Carl Ellsworth

Directed by D.J. Caruso

2007 - DreamWorks

Rated: PG-13

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer. David Morse. Aaron Yoo.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

Disturbia started working right from the beginning. The most emotionally intense moments occurred during the opening sequence, but the remainder was still a very engaging film. A nice balance of humor, drama and thrills.

The mystery builds nicely as the main character, Kale (Shia LaBeouf, Eagle Eye), passes his time during house arrest by spying on the neighbors. He develops a love interest with an attractive girl next door (Sarah Roemer, Fired Up), and connects his other neighbor, Mr. Turner (David Morse, Inside Moves), with a running news story about a serial killer from Texas. The girl and Kale's friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo, hysterical) join him in investigating the mystery, putting the clues together, and staking out the mysterious neighbor.

They go as far as to monitor his stop at a department store while Ron breaks into the Turner's car to retrieve the code on the garage door opener so they can later gain access to the house and check the contents of a bag, which Kale suspects contains the remains of one of Turner's victims.

The suspense escalates as we learn the sinister truth behind Mr. Turner's activities. Kale inadvertently, but repeatedly, breaks the boundaries of the tracking device strapped to his leg, and as a result the cops just consider him a trouble maker, with too much time on his hands. When he breaks the boundary intentionally, to bring the police, It's almost too late when they realize that he is telling the truth about his neighbor's hidden evil.

In all a Disturbia is great film. It has good acting, good action, and comic relief, especially from the quirky, energetic Ron. His endearing antics and personality make the film that much more entertaining. Veteran actor David Morse serves up a creepy yet subdued and charming performance which belies the darkness at the heart of his character.

Shia LaBeouf brings a likeable John Cusack style to his character, and Sarah Roemer is incredibly alluring. The only thing that seemed flat about this film was the presence of Kale's mother. We aren't introduced to her enough to be too concerned for her. Personally I was more concerned with the well being of Ron, Kale and the girl. The film works, but I felt the mother was the weakest character. See for yourself.

In all a Disturbia is great modern thriller, very well done. Production is tops, with dramatic lighting, excellent camera work and great direction. A well told tale.

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