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Written by Adam Green

Directed by Adam Green

2010 - Anchor Bay Films

Rated: R

Cast: Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore. Emma Bell.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

Frozen is more a psychological study than a horror film, though the scenario is undeniably horrific, as is the eventual outcome. Effective character development connects us with the protagonists as we follow them through events leading up to their isolation, dangling some 30 or 40 feet in the air on a rickety ski lift.

Early on I found myself cleverly thinking I knew how the film would play out, but I was wrong. The story is so well presented that I didn't even wonder how my girlfriend and I managed to sit for an hour and a half watching it unfold.

Trapped on a ski lift with no way down, and no one around, the characters are thrust into the unthinkable, and we see them working through the varied emotions that one might imagine to feel in such a situation.

Through it all I kept trying to think of what I would do to get myself out of it, but the answers just aren't that simple. The characters have very little to work with, and as their emotions twist their perceptions of the surroundings, and each other, we see just how very difficult it would be to think rationally for a solution to the problem.

There really is no easy solution, under the circumstances, and the circumstances come in a variety of forms. First, complete isolation, they are forgotten. Second, panic, anger and fear are compounded by subtle regression to more instinctive responses to the situation. Third, nature's cold shoulder.

Clever use of visuals and sound. Excellent cinematography, makeup and effects.

I'd watch it again.

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