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Written by Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler

Directed by Paul Hyett

2015 - FilmRise

Not Rated

Cast: Ed Speleers, Holly Weston. Shawna MacDonald. Elliot Cowan.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

I approach most modern films with trepidation. It's hit or miss. Actually it's mostly miss because there are a ton of crappy movies out there, but sometimes you get one that actually pulls you in. That was Howl.

The film has a creepy feel throughout, and the dramatic natural setting of Black Park in South Buckhamshire, England, used for most of the film, lends an old world, dark fantasy quality to the sinister atmosphere that pervades the film.

A werewolf fan from back in the 80s, when Wolfen was a thing and An American Werewolf in London turned the lycanthropic film trend on it's ear, I can attest to any fellow werewolf horror lover that Howl satisfies. It is an interesting twist on werewolf lore and has an eerie setting with plenty of scares, tension and twists. Creature makeup effects are outstanding.

The plot unfolds as passengers in a train are stranded on the tracks in a remote area of the wilderness. Many passengers gripe and complain, battling each other in various plays of passive aggressive behavior and being generally insolent. But that changes once they learn that they are under attack by very fierce predators from outside. The train is their safe haven, but how long will it last? Can they survive each other as they try to survive the creatures in the darkness outside?

If you are a fan of werewolves and werewolf movies you'll dig Howl. Well worth the watch.

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