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Let The Right One In

Written by John Ajvide Lindqvist

Directed by Tomas Alfredson

2008 - Magnolia Home Entertainment (DVD)

Rated: R

Cast: Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

There was an issue with the original DVD release regarding subtitles, judging by all of the one star reviews on Amazon about it. But I can't comment on that, as I did not watch the original theatrical version of this film. Unless I happened to view the updated version with theatrical subtitles without knowing it, but I didn't see anything particularly flawed with them. There were some odd spots that, if I had the flawed version, may have been better explained in the theatrical subtitles, but the story worked for me.

I didn't know how long Eli had been "alive," but a synopsis of the film at IMDB explains that she/he was 200 years old. I don't recall learning that fact during the movie itself. That, and a few other odd bits aside, Let The Right One In was very different and entertaining.

You can gather what the film is about by reading any detailed review, or plot synopsis, but what you won't learn is how unpredictable, bizarre, and dynamic is turns out to be. In fact, what made this more unpredictable for me is not knowing what it was about before I saw it. Somehow my brain ignored the word "vampire" on the cover, and I had a very different notion in my head about what I should expect. That worked in my benefit, because I learned what the film was about as it unfolded. When the subject matter of a film is not readily apparent the audience won't really know what to expect.

It was dynamic in the sense that the slower parts were well balanced with periods of intense action, horror and scares, but there wasn't a consistent rhythm. That is handy if you want to keep people guessing, and unprepared, but it can make those slower, dramatic parts seem too slow, or unwelcomed at the time.

The atmosphere was great. Creepy locations, and a wintertime setting worked well. Excellent framing and camera work help tell the story and keep the viewer interested. A few minor sub plots give us a little more to be interested in, and blend well with the main theme.

I would watch this one again. It's a great film with enough gore, blood and neck shredding for any horror fan, but enough art to make it an intriguing art film.

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