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Nothing Really Happens

Written by Justin Petty

Directed by Justin Petty

2017 - Indie Rights

Rated: 13+

Cast: Bobby Dornbos, Adam Edwards. Joseph Graham. Lindsay Gustin.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

After forty-five minutes the slow story and boring characters did not compel me to watch the remaining fifty-five. Sorry, I couldn't stand the torture. Ho-hum is putting it mildly. Didn't care about the mattress store owner, didn't care about his relationship with his wife, didn't care about what was happening, and was incredibly annoyed by his massively paranoid, geek friend. Maybe there was something on the way, something potentially about to happen, but I took them at their word and figured not.

Quality: It may have been intentional but the video quality in a few spots seemed to be the result of recording being done on a smartphone with a video smoothing feature activated. Bad idea if it was intentional. Bad call if the recording was actually done on a smartphone with video smoothing.

Maybe I'm just out of touch and making boring movies is the in thing now.

In a word: ugh. Save yourself the time.

Maybe, just maybe I'll revisit this movie and fast forward to see what happens at the end, but I doubt it.

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