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Sasquatch Hunters

Written by Alain Matz, Fred Tepper, Tom Zimmerman

Directed by Fred Tepper

2005 - Sony Pictures

Rated: R

Cast: Matt Lattimore, Amy Shelton-White. Kevin O'Connor (VIII). Gary Sturm. David Zelina.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

A group of researchers and forest rangers hike into the dense Pacific Northwest wilderness in search of bones of an unknown primate thought to inhabit the area in prehistoric times. They discover a burial ground and bones. Huge bones. They also discover that the prehistoric primates still exist, and they are steaming mad.

Complete with a paleontology professor who shares a resemblance to well known cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, and a token hottie along for the ride to document their findings, Sasquatch Hunters is overall not a bad movie, but the CG monster effects leave a lot to be desired. Very poor visual effects.

A better creature effect may have been produced with good old foam latex and traditional makeup effects techniques, even simple puppetry with a monster head may have worked better in some scenes. The monster didn't always fit in properly with the surroundings. In fact, the film might have been more effective if less monster was shown.

The characters were decent, and the acting was okay for the most part, but there were a few stiff moments and downright dopey exchanges between characters. Nice cinematography though; nice locations and scenery, including the blond.

There were some pretty decent action scequences too, except for the unnecessary roll-shoot-and-run stunt performed ineffectively by one of the characters as he ran from one of the creatures. It was moronic because the sole purpose for that kind of move is to avoid being hit by bullets, and Bigfoot don't carry guns!

The scoring worked well in some spots, particularly the suspenseful, creepy scenes, but I think it was mostly overdone and very campy at times. Not the best score. It actually detracted from the film.

Those who hold the Sasquatch phenomenon close at heart feel the creature was wrongly depicted as evil, and that this film gives real Bigfoot (if they exist) a bad reputation. They feel that cinemagoers and DVD renters will be misled into believing Bigfoot are bad creatures, when in fact most people don't even believe in them in the first place. Hey, it's a monster movie, and there is really no need to worry about about Bigfoot stereotyping.

In all not a bad idea, too bad they didn't have a bigger budget. At times Sasquatch Hunters was a bit boring, but I must say that there were moments in which I found myself being somewhat drawn in to the story, and some of the back stories. It was an okay movie but for the reasons cited above I wouldn't watch it again.

We need someone with a bigger budget to tackle the Sasquatch idea.

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