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Super Troopers

Written by Broken Lizard

Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar

2001 - 20th Century Fox

Rated: R

Cast: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan. Steve Lemme. Paul Soter. Erik Stolhanske. Brian Cox.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

My wife rented this on a recommendation from our local video store owner, it was a hit. We laughed the entire time. These guys are incredibly funny, but anyone looking for some higher humor may not appreciate it. This is just plain, simple fun. Some gags are in your face, others are a bit more subtle but if you catch them you'll be rolling on the floor. That is, if you appreciate this kind of humor, and I do.

We bought the DVD to add to our collection and have watched it a few times since, and will watch it more I can guarantee you. Recently I ordered Club Dread, and I'm looking forward to seeing that. Hey, I'm a Broken Lizard fan, what can I say?

While it is inane, this is a well made film. Everything is done perfectly. Great camera work, great editing, great costumes and locations, great timing and delivery. I can't wait to see the other Broken Lizard movies.

Another reviewer mentioned that this was the first Broken Lizard movie. Correction, this is their second. Puddle Cruiser was their first film made back in 1996. I've heard mixed reviews on Puddle Cruiser, but you know what? I'm going to buy it anyway. I think I'll find something worth watching in any Broken Lizard movie. These guys are just naturals. But Super Troopers, man this is one hell of a funny movie. Check it out.

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