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The Breed

Directed by Nicholas Mastandrea

2006 - First Look Pictures

Rated: R

Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson. Taryn Manning. Eric Lively. Hill Harper.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

First things first, after watching this movie I went to sleep and awoke with a fright from a nightmare which involved a ferocious canine snarling in my face, ready to attack. Glad I woke up. At that moment I said to myself, "Damn, that movie had an effect." Then I got up and made coffee.

That said, The Breed is a watchable film with some great tension, suspense, action and thrills, and also some nice bikini scenes. The editing was great, nice cuts, good timing, and creative dissolves, and the dog handlers had their hands busy. Great canine cast and excellent interaction and combat moments between human and dog. Truly some impressive stunts and action involving the dogs and people. That stuff can't be easy to just pull off so kudos to the crew for that.

Character development is a little poor, I didn't find them all too convincing, but for the most part it worked well enough. Sometimes you just have to put aside such details and enjoy the films other good qualities.

Wes Craven's name is on it but in my opinion it doesn't live up to the reputation of some of his classics.

As a whole the film works okay, I'd probably watch it again and pick up on some things I may have missed, but it didn't peak my meter as far as horror films are concerned. As I mentioned the suspense is there -- although maybe short lived at times since the attacks and shocks are almost predictable -- but the horror is lacking a bit.

You would expect a pack of marauding dogs to be a bit more persistent and savage, but maybe that is one plot point the writers are trying make... it is hinted that the dogs have a higher than average canine intelligence.

There is a hint at possible clandestine research on the dogs, possibly performed at a facility located on the island, officially known for training seeing-eye dogs, but maybe something more sinister was going on behind the scenes. The place is now deserted and the dogs are running wild, so who knows. We're not given enough information or clues.

We're also kind of led to believe that perhaps some mutated rabies virus has infected the dogs and was passed along to a couple of the humans because they begin exhibiting strange symptoms, almost sympathetic with the dogs.

Those sub plots are lightly glanced over. They could have made for a more interesting film, but it is obvious the filmmakers were only focusing on the horror and suspense of people pitted against wild dogs, regardless of however those dogs may have became that way.

Generally speaking it's a good film, well made, decent acting, directing, great camera work, editing, and great special effects too, but it seems to me that the loose ends remaining, with all the what if and what of, could have been tied together better to completely satisfy the audience.

Worth the watch though, there are enough satisfying moments, suspense and thrills that make this a very entertaining film.

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