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The Canyon

Written by Steve Allrich

Directed by Richard Harrah

2009 - Middle Fork Productions

Rated: R

Cast: Eion Bailey, Will Patton. Yvonne Strahovski.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

"When their wilderness guide is debilitated by a viper bite, a couple's dream honeymoon turns into a nightmare of starvation, severe weather and worse."

... says the Netflix description for "The Canyon" starring Eion Bailey and Yvonne Strahovski. But that description is a little inconsistent with the film. Sometimes I wonder if the writers who craft these little snippets actually watch the movies they are summarizing.

First, I think this is a pretty decent flick. It features some beautiful cinematography — but then, how can you go wrong filming in the Grand Canyon, as well as Moab and Antelope Canyon, Utah — great suspense, some scares, some action and a persistent, underlying dread mixed with urgency.

The snippet wasn't that far off, but the truth is that the viper was two rattle snakes, there was no severe weather, and the worse was pretty bad, including a pack of relentless wolves. The Canyon is not just another wilderness survival flick, it's got some really good twists, great action, and a moving finale, though the reaction from our protagonist seems a little wanting in the acting department.

An okay flick to kill a couple of hours if you have nothing better to watch. Looks like it didn't fair too well at the box office, considering the budget was 10+ million and the first weekend in 2 theaters only earned them $1785, according to IMDB. Hope their DVD and downloads have done better.

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