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The Pumpkin Karver

Written by Robert Mann, sheldon Silverstein

Directed by Robert Mann

2006 - First Look Pictures

Rated: R

Cast: Michael Zara, Amy Weber. Brian Kary. Minka Kelly.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

I could see this film gaining a small cult following based on some of the antics it contains. For example, when the funny character dressed as the Incredible Hulk helps out with a wheel barrow full of pumpkins he does a quick flex, "and.. tight!" I cracked up.

It's the tale of a kid who is a talented pumpkin carver (though we never get any back story until later), who kills his sister's boyfriend in defense of her during a halloween prank gone awry. That part was pretty good. They move out to a small, country town, where they meet up with some local kids at a halloween party featuring a pumpkin carving contest.

During the party our lead character starts having some strange episodes, imagining his sister's dead boyfriend is coming after him. He meets a local cutie and starts hanging out with her, then meets her jealous, hot-shot x-boyfriend. A creepy old man is lurking around the place too. Seems it is his land, and he is a pumpkin carver too.

We're not sure who's doing the killing - the old man, an angry lover, or the ghost of the dead boyfrend - but one of the girls gets carved up. Another kid loses his head in the pumpkin patch, then all hell breaks loose and our lead man's love interest gets killed too. I was kind of saddened by that loss. I was hoping she would end up surviving in the end, but that's not the case.

There's a twist ending, and plenty of gore, and I think there may be room for a sequel, but I'm sure that depends on what kind of response this first movie gets.

Pumpkin Karver gets three stars from me because, while the story is clever, it seems a little sloppy in the end, and I never did understand the need for the electricity effect, seems like someone got carried away with the digital effects technology. The acting wasn't top notch either, especially the lead character, but in all it wasn't too bad.

I would watch this movie again, mainly because it had some humorous moments and some great scares. All in all it's a pretty good movie. Hey, I've seen worse.

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