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The Sighting

Written by David Blair, Adam Pitman

Directed by David Blair, Adam Pitman

2016 - Level 33 Entertainment

Not Rated

Cast: Kent Harper, Gill Gayle. Adam Pitman .

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

While surfing for stupid Bigfoot fodder — something I do from time to time — I stumbled upon this gem. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s pretty good for a Bigfoot, sorry… Sasquatch movie.

I don’t usually get so lucky, but it happens every once in awhile. Certainly not as often as I’d like. Sometimes I get stuck with the most idiotic movies I can barely sit through. For some reason though, The Sighting proved worthy.

Nothing to “sit through” because it has a great pace from the get-go and launches, rather unexpectedly, right into the mystery.

Ample time spent establishing the scenario — college grads, parties, boobies, friends, parties — about 5 minutes or so. It’s important to note that the “friends” thing comes off authentically. I love watching movies when it seems that the actors had fun playing their roles.

I’m reminded of a movie I saw about ten years ago, The Pumpkin Karver. Same kind of deal, not the best but not the worst either. Actually some pretty good qualities that made it worth watching, for me.

No high end stuff, but fun and well done. It’s refreshing to find a lower-budget film that can deliver well enough like this. Music selections were good, and edit timing was very good.

The filmmakers knew what they were doing. Great camera motion and framing, evidence that the film wasn’t just a haphazard creation, it was well thought out.

Some over-acting aside, this film proves one thing: if the people making a film know what they’re doing—direction, camera, editing, music—and the actors are decent, you can realize a good piece of entertainment. This is a far cry from the “I own a camera and want to be a movie maker so I’m going to make a movie” kind of angle, which is what streaming outlets like Amazon and Netflix seem to be overloaded with.

Worth a watch, especially if you watch until the last 20 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice twist in the plot. Well written story, half way decent flick. I probably won’t watch it again but I’m certainly not disappointed that I watched it at all.

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