Directed by David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Olivia Bonamy, Michaël Cohen.

I'm no deep genre connoisseur but I consider myself a horror/scary movie fan and to me Them is a pretty decent flick. Not nearly as intense as something like Haute tension, a completely awesome French horror film released in 2005, but Them is a spooky thriller with some decent scares.

In fact, yes, a thriller. I wouldn't consider it a horror movie at all. It features good suspense, eerie situations, adrenaline-fueled moments, a little blood and some violent action, but it is far from a horror film.

It is an isolated house-in-the-woods type of story where a couple head off to a country retreat for the weekend — really an old creepy, overgrown mansion in the woods — and are subsequently terrorized by some at first unseen beings.

Early on the mennace seems to have a supernatural quality, especially in the opening scenes, but as the story plays out we find that the threat is very real.

The ending is a little lackluster but still generally gripping and suspenseful up until that last moment. The film closes up without any satisfying vengeance or win of good over evil. Sometimes things don't always turn out as we hope or expect, and maybe that's what the filmmakers were going for.

I don't feel let down by it, in fact this is the second time I've watched this movie. It satisfies with thrills and chills throughout and, while some may disagree, I think it is well paced with a tension that builds throughout, reaching a fever pitch in the final scenes.

Maybe that's why the abrupt ending is a let down for some people. We hold out more hope for the protagonist.

I've said too much already, it's best that you check out the movie for yourself. You may enjoy it.

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Last Update: 07/11/2017