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Wedding Crashers

Written by Steve Faber, Bob Fisher

Directed by David Dobkin

2006 - New Line Home Video

Not Rated

Cast: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn. Christopher Walken. Rachel McAdams.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

I heard some compaints about this film not living up to expectations based on the trailer and commercial spots. I'd have to disagree. Though Wedding Crashers isn't the best comedy I've seen, it is original, and does hold its own in the laugh department. I watched the uncorked version which includes additional crude scenes and references that are mostly unecessary, and it shows more boobies. The theatrical release version should suit most audiences.

Owen Wilson is just one of a kind. He's funny, and has a certain character and charm in a relaxed California-surfer-dude kind of way. There is a genuine quality about him that makes his characters that much more believable and easy to sympathise with. Some actors just have a funny yet genuine appeal, like Robin Williams or Adam Sandler. I think Owen Wilson fits into that category. A quick check of IMDB.com tells me I have a lot more Owen Wilson movies to see.

For some reason I don't remember Vince Vaughn from other films I have seen that he was in, like Starsky & Hutch (maybe it was the mustache), or Old School. But I remember him from Psycho and also Domestic Disturbance with John Travolta. In my mind he became a bad guy actor because those are the rolls that statyed with me. Since watching him in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Wedding Crashers I have seen the other side of Vince Vaughn. Another quick check of IMDB.com serves to inform me that I have a lot more Vince Vaughn films to familiarize myself with too.

In all Wedding Crashers is funny movie. Christopher Walken has always been one of my favorite actors and he works well with Owen Wilson in this film. Rachel McAdams is lovely as usual. It's just a funny romp, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of shocks, a little heartbreak, and plenty of get-it-over-with moments like when we're introduced to Chazz Reinhold played by Will Ferrell; there may never have been a more annoying character in a film.

Some reviews may not speak well of this film, but it's not all that bad.

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