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Written by Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan

Directed by Jordan Rubin

2014 - Freestyle Digital Media

Not Rated

Cast: Rachael Melvin, Cortney Palm. Jake Weary.

Eclectic Rating: stars

Movie Review:

Passed this over a bunch but I'm glad I finally watched it. If you happen to be a guy (or hell, a chick!) who likes campy, funny and gory horror movies featuring chicks in bikinis I guarantee you'll like it too. I guarantee!

I'm wary of boring horror movies with half-assed camera work, bad lighting, and second rate acting, even if the story seems promising. Zombeavers hinted at bad just beause of the name, but it is not a bad movie at all. Written and directed by none other than comedian/writer Jordan Rubin, Zombeavers is a comical romp through wrongness, but oh so good.

Rubin's name might not ring a bell with some but got his start as a stand-up comic in NYC , then movied on to bigger and better things in LA. He has written for Comedy Central Presents, various MTV Movie Awards shows, The Man Show, and directed many TV episodes and series. He also has his own half-hour Comedy Central show.

This film worked, in all it's badness it was actually pretty damn good. Key points that make this film watchable are: a plot and a plan, good writing, good direction, great camera work and lighting, a fun story with colorful characters and good acting.

Special effects were not on par with, say, Industrial Light and Magic, but they were perfect for a fun, tongue-in-cheek horror movie. Yes, there is some so-so CG with regard to some bloody water effects, but the beavers are furry and fun, and real-world prop puppets in many scenes.

I give Zombeavers 3.5 stars because it makes no promises, but it delivers... something. Oh, and the outtakes are hysterical.

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