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Deep PM

Deep PM Records - 2011

Artist: Dave Manley

Rating: stars

I gave this 5 stars because I'm biased; to me it really is that good. I've met Dave and have seen him perform at High Street Cafe (Vudu Lounge) in West Chester, PA, several times. As a fellow guitarist I find him incredibly inspiring.

Dave is an amazing player, and the music is that kind of smooth jazzy stuff that can really make for a great relaxing evening. Perfect if you're entertaining or just hanging around your house.

If you appreciate smooth guitar, light jazz and great atmosphere music, then I highly suggest you give Dave Manley a listen.

Good stuff. Highly recommended.

Unfortunately for us in West Chester Dave has moved to Texas. But if you live in that area of the Lone Star State you can catch his trio at Vince Young Steak House, 301 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin.

For more information about Dave Manley and to see what he's up to these days visit his official website.

Last Update: 29 Apr, 2019

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