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RCA - 2001

Artist: Dave Matthews Band

Rating: stars

Album Review

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of Dave Matthews. Everyone else raves but I'm not too into it. To each his own. It's probably the whispery qualities in his vocals that I'm not keen on. Don't really dig that stuff. Probably why I'm not a big John Mayer fan. That and blues is getting too damn overdone these days.

Now, back to Everyday. I may not be his biggest fan, but I do appreciate good music and that's exactly what I found on Dave Matthews Band 2001 offering "Everyday".

It sits in my CD collection among my eclectic mix of music from the 70's to now. "Everyday" was a recommendation from a friend, and I like it.

It is crisp, well produced, and features outstanding musicianship alongside Matthews' well seasoned, inarguably original vocal style, which is especially pleasing during harmonies.

Back to this: his vocal style does offer qualities I'm not a great fan of, such as the "sexy" growl that serves as a wind-up to certain words in some songs. That annoys me to no end, especially when it's done ad nauseum by guys like Enrique Iglesias.

Another quality is the yodel range he gets into for certain notes. Not too bad here, but for some reason when I hear Chris Martin of Coldplay do the same thing I'm not bothered as much by it.

Thankfully Dave Matthews uses these stylings fairly infrequently on this CD. Not as much as his earlier efforts anyway. I guess that's why I was never a big fan, but on the whole "Everyday" is a great collection of songs with enough twists and turns to keep most rock music fans happy.

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