Everything Must Go

Artist: Steely Dan

I wouldn't expect anything but cool.

Wow, these guys have been around for a long, long time, and I'll never get tired of hearing their trademark grooves, tight drums and cool arrangements. Donald Fagan and Walter Becker have been turning out this stuff for over two decades, all I can say is I hope everything doesn't go - like... stick around for a while guys, I want to hear more!

Every song on this CD is classic Steely Dan with some newer, subtle twists and turns thrown in for good measure, but my all-time favorite in this collection is "Pixeleen" which tells the story of a cyber-chic hero who still has to deal with dad ("Her cell phone rings... It's like, her stupid father..."), who wants her in by ten, while she's out saving the day from hi-tech bad guys. It opens with a nice smooth beat and a cool, jabbering saxophone, and the tale unfolds through the slinky, cool vocals of Donal Fagan.

These guys are the epitome of cool as far as funky, jazz rock goes, and Fagan's voice was a regular on radio of the 70's and 80's. If you think I'm kidding, you must recall songs like Reeling In The Years, Hey Nineteen, Ricky Don't Lose That Number, Aja, Black Cow, Katy Lied, New Frontier, Doctor Wu, Peg, My Old School, and one of my faves F.M.

I recommend anything from Steely Dan for anyone who considers themselves a music buff. If you want music, and I mean pure talent and impeccable arrangement, then pick up Everything Must Go, then when you're hooked, work your way back through time with one of the funkiest, coolest bands of them all. No Joke.

You can't resist the sexy grooves and colorul music backing often humorous, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. This CD, and others by Steely Dan, will be making repeat appearances in my CD player for the rest of my life, I'm sure of it.

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