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Get Inside

Favored Nations - 2004

Artist: Johnny A.

Rating: stars

Get inside, put your seatbelt on, and enjoy the ride. You'll cruise by quaint country scenes, race a train skirting rolling hills and rustic mountains. You'll make it all the way to Nashville via gritty city streets past all the coolest jazz and rock clubs. That's where you'll go when you put "Get Inside", a slick offering from Johnny A, in your CD player.

As it states on his biography page at JohnnyA.com "This is music for an open mind aching for the open road."

What was that, did Mark Knopfler cameo on this CD? No, but there is an unmistakable, however subtle, Knopflerish quality to Johnny A's playing on some tracks. Still, Johnny A's playing is completely his own, incredibly versatile, refreshing and new, with plenty of smooth grooves and tricks to keep your ears busy. Johnny A. is one of the most talented guitarists I've ever heard.

Get Inside is a well produced collection of instrumental guitar tracks that conjure a variety of mental images. One thing that cannot be ignored about his playing is the incredibly clean picking and colorful phrasing. As a guitarist, there are moments in this CD that make me say, "How the heck did he do that?"

Excuse me while I go lock myself away with my guitar for another twenty years.

Good, inspiring guitar playing for the inspirable guitar lover. Add it to your collection now!

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