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Shangri La

Warner Bros / Wea - 2004

Artist: Mark Knopfler

Rating: stars

A true compañero and more than worth los dinero, even if you have to rob a bank to get it! Mark Knopfler is at the top of his gig here. There's no shortage of great guitar work, and like his other solo releases, the story telling is top notch!

Rock, blues, country, salsa, and more styles of music intertwine here than in any other album I've heard. You can't help but learn while being entertained by Knopfler's stories about ill-fated big-shot crooked gamblers, Ray Crock (the man behind the McDonald's fast food chain), go-go club owners, bank robbers, lovers, boxers, and presidents.

Shangri-la is a collection of great stories put to crisp, well produced, and certainly well played music. Fun, dramatic, touching and spirited songs from one of the music world's greatest original talents.

I read a review that said that Mark Knopfler's solo material is a far cry from Dire Straits. That's because Dire Straits is Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler is Mark Knopfler. Life is about change, experience, adventure and fun. Every CD by Knopfler is a step forward, and I enjoy making the trip with him.

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