Roger Moore 007

Roger Moore – My Favorite Bond

Sad news with the passing of Sir Roger Moore, who is most famous for his role as James Bond in seven 007 flicks that span more than a decade. Those films were Live and Let Die (1973), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974); The Spy Who Loved Me (1977); Moonraker (1979); For Your Eyes Only (1981); Octopussy (1983); and A View to a Kill (1985).

Sean Connery is well known for his role as James Bond prior to Roger Moore taking over the character. Connery also starred in 7 Bond films. Five from 1962 to 1967, with George Lazenby sneaking in for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, before Connery returned for his final two, Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Never Say Never Again (1983). Roger Moore took over from there and made the character his own.

Roger Moore as James Bond

As a teen I remember watching many of the Roger Moore-era James Bond movies on TV with my parents. They were partial to Sean Connery because his were the 007 films they were introduced to first, but they enjoyed Roger Moore as well.

His portrayal of James Bond was charming, humorous and light yet stern and commanding when necessary. Those films were so well done. Fast paced, exciting, with thrills and humor all placed in the right moments.

The stories were over-the-top with uncanny and far-fetched situations which Bond would ultimately find his way out of unscathed, hardly a wrinkle on his suit.

All of the 007 films starring Roger Moore, and Sean Connery for that matter, and were based on original James Bond novels by Ian Flemming.

Pierce Brosnan is my second pic for favorite James Bond actor, with four films to his credit: Golden Eye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002).

Other actors who have stepped in for the roll 007 are Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig.

Sir Roger Moore didn’t sit idle after his work as James Bond. After becoming interested in the United Nations Children’s Fund he became involved and was appointed UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador in 1991, and in 2003 was knighted for his work with the program.

Moore narrated a video for PETA that protests against the production and wholesale of foie gras.

Post James Bond Moore was also involved in many subsequent films and television series.

Sir Roger Moore died Tuesday in Switzerland, following “a short but brave battle with cancer,” according to a statement by his family and agent. He was 89.