Chester Bennington and Linkin Park fans

Saddened by the Death of Chester Bennington

I was crushed when my wife told me what happened on Thursday. You know, you pop on your phone to check Facebook or something and there you have it, either some bullshit political news or someone you admired has died.

She was sitting on the bed holding her phone, stone look on her face, and she quoted a headline, “Chester Bennington of Linkin Park commits suicide…”

We just sat there a minute, just kind of absorbing the news. Unable to believe it, like when Chris Cornell passed. Chris Cornell died just two months ago, and we’re still reeling from that. The rest of the news story mentioned that Chester and Chris were friends and that Thursday was Chris Cornell’s birthday.

No words. I miss Chris Cornell so badly, and now I will miss Chester Bennington. Their beautiful voices, songwriting talent and integrity are lost to legions of fans and admirers. Our thoughts go out to Chester Bennington’s friends and family.