Man Who Knew Bush still

The Man Who Knew Bush

No, it’s not porn. Probably would have been worth a longer watch if it was, current cast excluded of course.

While poking through Prime Videos with the Amazon app on my Vizio the other day I stumble upon this gem of a documentary, which is really not a documentary, and not really a gem, but a seemingly simple exercise in “I think I’m a filmmaker so I’m going to take this video camera and make a move.”

After the first 15 seconds it became a rather painful experience. During the first scene I was thinking, “hey this guy might be cool…” but I quickly learned otherwise. Hell, you know what? I don’t know the guy so it’s really not fair to say that. For all I know he could be really a cool dude to hang out with, but unfortunately the filmmaker did not get that impression across in this strange little movie.

We’re all just people. And truth be told, the old dude did know George W.

The Man Who Knew Bush” is about a very distant cousin of George W. Bush who apparently got into fistacuffs with the future 43rd U.S. President during his younger years. Some very moderately interesting historic material, and the fellow seems pretty knowledgeable, but there is not enough of that to hold our interest and make up for the slow pace and boring commentary.

Believe it or not, that’s not the worst of it. They wander into a strangers house because the man who knew Bush believes it to be “America House.” They wander through a private home, camera running, looking through doors, into rooms and finally find someone at home, sick in bed watching TV. Why leave all that in? It’s just a complete waste of time, and actually quite embarrassing.

There may in fact be some redeeming historical content present somewhere in this video. I skimmed through and found a few good spots where I spent a minute or two, but I just didn’t have the patience to sit through it all. It’s incredibly boring. An hour thirteen and you might get through about twenty minutes if you’re slightly masochistic.

Oh yeah, George W. apparently used to make giant screwdrivers in a garbage bin for parties at Yale. So there’s something.

Beats me how this movie got 4.7 out of 10 at IMDB.