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Twin Peaks

Series Review

Creator: Mark Frost, David Lynch

Written by Mark Frost, David Lynch, Harley Peyton, Robert Engels, et al

Directed by David Lynch, Lesli Linka Glatter, et al

1990 - Lynch/Frost Productions
Crime Drama/Comedy - Rated: TV-MA

Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean. Mädchen Amick. Dana Ashbrook. Richard Beymer. et al.

Eclectic Rating: stars

TV Show Review:

Twin Peaks wasn't a huge hit when it first aired but it went on to become a cult classic TV show. Perpetually out of the mainstream loop as I am it didn't blip on my radar until recently. Look, in 1990 I was way too busy partying to watch anything on TV except the X-Files. Anyway, even after a few episodes I still wasn't sure it was something I would bother with.

The first episode sets the mood, highly charged and emotional with a surreal atmosphere, but subsequent episodes swing from dramatic to weird to outright horrific. I couldn't get the vibe so I put it down for a bit, but it kept taunting me from the GUI on my Roku, and after hemming and hawing about it I gave it another shot and was hooked. Ended up binging it in a couple of weeks.

Twin Peaks is more than just quirky; it is weird, bizarre, offbeat, sexy, strange, mysterious, dopey, and seriously funny. It's just over the top but goes no farther. It is all of those things mentioned, but it is not outrageous. Restraint is the key to why this show works. Twin Peaks is the definition of campy. And it's got a damn cool soundtrack.

There is a weird atmosphere to this thing; a surreal, spooky quality that pervades the whole series. Spooky in a kooky way, not in a scary way, though there are some scares. It is as off as it is on which keeps the viewer off balance. It's not predictable in any sense. There is no way to know what's going to happen next. Twin Peaks is a whodunnit of epic proportions but at times you forget why the hell these people are all here.

Twin Peaks is the tragic story about the murder of a homecoming queen and the efforts to solve the crime. The town, initially torn by the event gradually begins to get back to normal as the investigation continues, while the wrenching pain of the victim's father becomes a mockery of itself. The mystery deepens and clues begin to paint a sordid story. However, the darkness that could loom throughout a plot such as this is carefully, and perfectly blended with comedic ingredients that make the tragic tale more palatable. Much more than that though, Twin Peaks is not just a comedy mystery, it's an intriguing, bizarre world all its own.

Very clever and smart storytelling with excellent acting and direction, with care and an attention to detail that is lacking in so many films and television productions today. Nothing is left to chance, and there is great attention to detail. Each scene is given as much detail and care as a fine work of art. It is a work of art after all. A classic tragedy with incredible exaggeration of the plot points, and an absurdity whitch adds comic relief but also serves to drive home the fact of how a real tragedy alters our perception of reality. Any individual who endures a life-changing tragic event, especially an unexpected and horrific death of a loved one or friend, is thrust into a surreal mode of existence until their mind, if it ever can, reconciles the tragedy to some degree and can then move on.

The horrible circumstance, the grief, and that surreal quality are captured perfectly so we feel sadness, sympathy and disorientation, but we are given some relief with the offbeat humor. In Twin Peaks that humor sometimes results in momentary bouts of gut-busting laughter. This show has some of the most well crafted comedy in television history.

I wasn't sure where Twin Peaks would lead but I'm sure glad I decided to follow. Well worth the binge.

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